Bruno Mars

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Le frasi più belle di Bruno Mars

At night when the stars light up my room, I sit by myself talking to the moon. Try to get to you. In hopes you’re on the other side. - Bruno Mars
I know you’re somewhere out there. Somewhere far away. I want you back. - Bruno Mars
If perfect is what you're searching for. Then just stay the same. - Bruno Mars
And when you smile. The whole world stops and stares for a while. - Bruno Mars
When I see your face there's not a thing that I would change. Cause you're amazing just the way you are. - Bruno Mars
Her eyes make the stars look like they're not shining. - Bruno Mars
I might mess around and get my college degree. I bet my old man will be so proud of me. But sorry pops you'll just have to wait - Bruno Mars
Today I don't feel like doin' anything I just wanna lay in my bed. Don't feel like picking up my phone. So leave a message at the tone. - Bruno Mars
I will never make a promise that I can’t keep. I promise that your smile ain’t gon’ never leave. - Bruno Mars
Anything you want (Just to put a smile on you). You deserve it baby, you deserve it all. And I’m gonna give it to you. - Bruno Mars